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Amos and Andy When Amos ‘n’ Andy first came to radio in 1928, no one realized what a truly popular radio show would be like. Businesses everywhere felt the sting if they did not have a radio so that their patrons would not miss an episode. From a modern perspective, the show seems racially insensitive because it is based on a pair of white actors playing “black-faced” parts. However, for the time it was just considered great entertainment.

  1. Beyond Our Ken (1958–1964) is a radio comedy programme, the predecessor to Round the Horne (1965–1968). Both programmes starred Kenneth Horne, Kenneth Williams, Hugh Paddick, Betty Marsden and Bill Pertwee, with announcer Douglas 
  2. Frankie Howerd Show 1966 Just after the 2nd BBC TV series of the same name, Frankie Howerd returned to the radio for 'The Frankie Howerd Show' which lasted for 10 editions between 24th July and 25th September 1966.
  3.  Frank MuirESSENTIALLY an audio equivalent to all those whopping great Muir-edited ‘gift books’ available exclusively at WH Smith every Christmas, taking a pink-bowtied Humprey-watching-out-for Fruit-And-Nut-case-identifying What-A-Mess!-presaging every-grain-will-drive-you-insane sideways look at the usual topics (romance, travel, politics, schooldays etc) with the aid of personally-selected humorous quotations read out by Alfred Marks.
  4. The Enchanting World of Hinge and Bracket