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May 28th, 2014    

Take It From Here - Hopscotch Polka

3/3 October 25 1949
Dick is ill in bed
Keynotes: Hopscotch Polka
Mirror of the Week: store sucker, U.N. Day, Rank Studios auction, crossword compilers
Joy: La Seine
Africa Squeaks or Ayesha, That's my Baby

May 28th, 2014    

Take It Frome Here - Confidentially

3/2 October 18 1949
Joy's new flat
Keynotes: Confidentially
Mirror of the Week: salt pincher, economic terms, Lady Godiva statue, El Alamein reunion
Joy: Wedding Day
Sixty Seconds Got Together or Till the Clouts Roll By

May 28th, 2014    

Take It From Here - Kiss Me Sweet

3/1 October 11 1949
Dressing rooms
Keynotes: Kiss Me Sweet
Mirror of the Week: pickle presser, Think Yourself out of This
Joy: My One and Only Highland Fling
Strorse in Your Hair or Goodnight Buchanan

May 27th, 2014    

Take It From Here - Remember Me

Dick's birthday
Keynotes: Remember Me
British Industries Fair
Joy: The W2/edding of Lili Marlene
Another Part of the Forrest or The Corny Green

May 27th, 2014    

Down By The Station

Guest artist idea
Keynotes: Down by the Station
Popular Music
Joy and Keynotes: Alphabet Song
Utility Crepe or All That Glitters is Nat Gould

May 25th, 2014    

The Betty Witherspoon Show - 6/10 Wuthering Heights

itunes pic
Kenneth Williams and Ted Ray take on Wuthering Heights.

Ted Ray and Kenneth Williams give us their take on famous characters and films alongside performing sketches and songs

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